Sarah Aoyama

Engaging Moments, LLC

Wedding and Event Planning

Sarah Aoyama

Coordinator and Japanese-English Bilingual Emcee

I was born in Chicago and grew up in Sendai, Japan. I’ve always felt comfortable in both cultures, and living in the beautiful islands of Hawaii where Asian, Polynesian, and Western cultures come together, I’ve had the opportunity to enjoy and explore each one.


People from around the world are drawn to Hawaii’s balmy weather, lush green mountains, and pristine beaches. Could there be a more romantic place for a wedding? Weddings are among the happiest days of a person’s life. What better way to share your joy with your family and friends than with a wedding in Hawaii.


To me, being a wedding planner is about much more than time lines and spreadsheets. It is about being a friend. It is about listening to and getting to know each couple that I have the pleasure of working with. It is about enjoying the wedding planning process and building excitement for the big day.

It is especially gratifying and heartwarming when the marriage is also the joining of two cultures. Both families feel deeply connected because in spite of language and cultural differences, they are all there for the same reason, to celebrate love.

I have one purpose, to see that your wedding day is as brilliant and amazing as you had always imagined it would be.